G r i n d e r m a n

Andrew Weatherall mix & album reviews!

Check out the new Heathen Child Andrew Weatherall Bass Mix just uploaded onto MySpace!

And here's what the reviews have been saying so far about Grinderman 2

'the great Grinderman gamble paid off' - Uncut ****

'this raw vivid album finds Grinderman carving out their own craggy identity' - MOJO ****

'A glorious statement of intent' - Loud and Quiet 9/10

'darker for the band's newfound composure' - Loud and Quiet 9/10

'the aural equivalent of watching horrendously capitivating replays of ultra violence in super slo-mo' - Loud and Quiet 9/10

'rocking like a motherfucker, it's an awesome recording' - Loud and Quiet 9/10

Posted: 7th September 2010