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Grinderman 2 RMX - Out Today

Grinderman 2 RMX, a collection of remixes, reinterpretations & collaborations based on songs from Grinderman 2, is out today on deluxe double vinyl with CD insert, CD and digital formats.

Outstanding tracks include “Super Heathen Child” - a collaborative version of Grinderman's “Heathen Child” (MOJO Honours Song Of The Year 2011which teams the band up with legendary guitarist Robert Fripp (King Crimson, David Bowie, Eno); an exclusive previously unreleased remix of“Bellringer Blues” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ guitarist Nick Zinner (about which Grinderman enthuse "It shits all over the original!”) a remix of “Mickey Mouse & the Goodbye Man” by producer/musician Joshua Homme (Queens of the Stone Age); “When My Baby Comes” by Cat’s Eyes (a duo consisting of Horrors’ front-man Faris Badwan and soprano Rachel Zeffira); “Evil” reinterpreted by Silver Alert (Grinderman’s Jim Sclavunos) and The National’s front man Matt Berninger; and Grinderman’s original demo version of “Evil”,“First Evil”.

Full track-listing below:

Grinderman / Fripp   “Super Heathen Child”     
A Place to Bury Strangers  “Worm Tamer”
Nick Zinner  “Bellringer Blues” 
UNKLE          “Hyper Worm Tamer”
Joshua Homme   “Mickey Bloody Mouse”
Cat’s Eyes with Luke Tristram  “When My Baby Comes”
Barry Adamson   “Palaces Of Montezuma”
Silver Alert (feat. Matt Berninger)  “Evil”
SixToes           “When My Baby Comes” 
Andy Weatherall     “Heathen Child”
Factory Floor            “Evil”
Grinderman  “First Evil”
Posted: 26th March 2012