G r i n d e r m a n

MTV Australia - Exit Show Broadcast

MTV Australia are showing Grinderman's full set at this year's Exit Festival tomorrow at 9am. They'll be repeating the show again throughout December, along with the 'Best of Exit' show featuring a short piece from Grinderman's set. Full broadcast dates are below.


Grinderman Exit Special - Full Set:

29th Nov - 9am

1st Dec - 5am & 10am

2nd Dec - 1pm

6th Dec - 2am

9th Dec - 9am

11th Dec - 6am

14th Dec - 10am

20th Dec - 11am

22nd Dec - 9.30am

28th Dec - 10.30am


Best of Exit 2011 show:

12th Dec - 8am

13th Dec - 2am, 6am, 11am, 5pm

15th - 6am

17th Dec - 4pm

21st 4pm

25th - 8pm

31st - 8pm

Posted: 28th November 2011