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Shoot The Show - Australia

After a great Shoot The Show competition in the US, we will be extending the contest into Australia. 

Once again the band are seeking aspiring photographers to capture performances during the tour. Those interested are asked to submit links to digital portfolios via email for consideration. The band will select a winner for each show on the tour and the winning photographer will be given special access to shoot their local show as a house photographer. The resulting photos will then be posted on the band’s official website alongside the works of professional photographers.

Please note that for logistical reasons the competition is not possible at festival shows. The shows for which we can accept entries are 17th and 18th January in Melbourne, 24th January in Brisbane and 28th January in Sydney. Submissions for any other shows will not be considered. Thanks! 

Contest instructions:

*Submit link to an online portfolio of your work to: grindermanphotocontest@gmail.com

*Enter the date of the specific show you wish to be considered for in your subject line. e.g. “17/1/2011 Show”

*Provide your full name and mobile number in the body of the e-mail

*Send us your e-mail no later than 48 hours before the show. 

If you plan to enter and have questions about the contest, please send them to: grindermanphotocontest@gmail.com

Posted: 12th January 2011