G r i n d e r m a n


- Get It On
- No Pussy Blues
- Electric Alice
- Grinderman
- Depth Charge Ethel
- Go Tell The Women
- (I Don't Need You To) Set Me Free
- Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars)
- Man In The Moon
- When My Love Comes Down
- Love Bomb

CD, Gatefold LP, Download

Released on 5th March 2007 on Mute 



In February 2006, the four musicians that are Grinderman booked themselves into London's Metropolis Studios for a five-day marathon of non-stop demo sessions, resulting in several hours of raw material.
In April 2006, Grinderman entered RAK studios, London, for a week with producer Nick Launay. They re-worked the raw material into thirteen songs, returning to Metropolis in October to mix them.
Warren: "It was meant to be really open liberating thing. We went to places we would not normally go… and then tried to push it even further…"
Marty: "Having Nick on the guitar changes the whole dynamic.
Warren: "Launay gets good sounds down. We didn’t want any obstacles between the band sound and the production, so Launay was perfect."
Jim: "The name Grinderman seemed to suit the band. It sums up the sort of music we are making. We grind."
NICK CAVE: vocals, electric guitar, organ, piano
WARREN ELLIS: electric bouzouki, Fendocaster, violin, viola, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
MARTYN CASEY: bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
JIM SCLAVUNOS: drums, percussion, backing vocals
While everything is quiet and easy
Mr. Grinder can have his way...
-- Memphis Slim, 1941